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"4. Dezember 1989 – Lebewohl Vaterland – Aufbruch in die Fremde"

Aleksandra SZCZEPANSKI (28, currently employee of the Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, living in Klein Wesenberg, Germany), submitted an entry entitled 4.Dezember 1989 - Lebewohl Vaterland - Aufbruch in die Fremde. As the title indicates, the entry focuses on the migration of the Szczepanski family – father Marek, mother Iwona, daughters Anna and Aleksandra – from Poland to Germany, exactly at the same time as communism collapsed in the former GDR as in various other East-Central European countries. For this, the author uses both her personal recollections – at the time of the events she was 8 years old – and various papers from the family archive. She narrates both the hopes of the Szczepanskis to arrive in England, and the difficulties of settling in Germany, although the mother was recognized as being of German “Volkszugehörigkeit”. She reflects on her double identity „made in Poland, designed in Germany“: „Ich musste mich nie direkt entscheiden. Ich habe zwei Staatsangehörigkeiten, fühle mich beiden Ländern verbunden, verpflichtet, mit ihnen verwachsen. Sie haben mich beide geprägt, beide haben das aus mir gemacht, was ich heute bin”.



The Award Ceremony of the 1989 - Images of Change competition took place on Thursday, November 5, in Trieste (Italy). Opened by Prof. Alessandro Cavalli (Fondazione per la Scuola) and by Dr. Wolf Schmidt (Eustory), it was honored to have as its speaker Dr. Erhard Buzek, Special Co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe (2002-2008) who discussed the role of politics, history and mythology in the Balkans. The ceremony was concluded by the awarding of the winners.

The Award Ceremony of the 1989 - Images of change competition will take place in Trieste, Italy, on November 5 and will be organized by the Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo.

The International Jury has convened and after thorough assessment has awarded 10 European Prizes, 2 National Prizes and 1 Special Video Prize. The high quality of numerous entries has generated among the jury members and organizers regrets that the number of prizes was limited. We would like to thank all participants who have submitted entries and to congratulate the winners!

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Pablo from Spain has several colleagues coming from other countries, especially from Romania and asked whether he can make an entry about the events in Romania. Yes, you can, but you can also ask your relatives about changes in Spain in the 1980s, and they might tell you a lot about the way they perceived the consolidation of democracy or about the consequences of EU-accession.

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Larisa from Russia asked whether she should only seek for a political topic. Well, we think that it would be interesting to show how people from Russia began to be politically active in the 1980s, especially if you focus on stories from your community or family. But if you prefer something less political, this is fine with us. You should only start from one or more historical sources – a photo, a diary, a newspaper article etc. – and then present what these sources tell about the historical change in your country.

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Carl from Sweden wrote to us that his university is now located in a former military building, which has been turned to the education system after the end of the Cold War and the subsequent reduction of the military. He asked whether such a story of an indirect influence fits into our general theme. Yes, it does.

Jeanette from Belgium wrote that it is difficult for her to find original sources about the 1989 revolutions. This is true, but it should not be an impediment for participating. Change is broader than strictly the revolutions, so you can start from one or several photos from the 1980s, put these photos in the historical context they were produced, and outline the social change they document. Or, you can also investigate how the fall of communism was perceived in your country, community or family.

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On June 4, 1989, the Poles have won an overwhelming victory over their rulers in the first free elections in a still communist country. Twenty years later, Poland is on the second place in Europe with respect to the number of entries contributed to the 1989 – Images of change competition, but its potential is obviously higher. The competition team challenges young Europeans from Poland to live up to their glorious tradition, and win a victory as resounding as that of their elders in 1989.

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Prof. Dr. Mirela-Luminita Murgescu, along with 2 of the Romanian competitors of the 1989-Images of Change competition, Pompiliu Constantin and Matei Gheboianu, attended the debate THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY - ROMANIAN YOUNGSTERS ON 1989, TWENTY YEARS AFTER, organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin within the program Geschichtsforum 1989-2009: Europa zwischen Teilung und Aufbruch. The debate took place on Friday, May 29, at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

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